Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Make the Right Impact! – A guide to custom USBs

Creating one that will do just the trick!

Is a custom USB pen drive, your idea of promotion? How to get the right one then? Do all custom USB drives have the same effect on your target customers? Not at all! A product considered for promotional purpose must cater to the needs of your target. This is where USB pen drives fit in. But simply anything is not just good enough.

When considering a USB drive, you ought to consider the connection it will create for the brand.

Here’s what could help you achieve your goal of making the desired impact on target customer. 

1. Shape: Try selecting something that either relates to the core concept of the brand or the logo. A shape that is certainly more aligned to your enterprise! The owner of the USB will instantly be reminded of the brand when he uses it. The subtle connection always manages to keep some strings attached. 

2. Color: Colors must not only be considered in case of logos. Other creative inputs can often have the potential to resonate the brand. Make sure you leverage this aspect too! We offer pantone colors matching too. Send in the pantone numbers and your logo print as well as certain other colors can be customised on the pen drives. 

3. Content: This is a highly relevant factor. Knock the ability of USB flash drives to carry content. Be it a simple html file to display content from the brand website or a host of videos. (Why not take advantage of the data – preloading services!?). This preloaded data may be in a secure partition, which cannot be erased even by formatting the drive. Or, it may be set on auto run mode, for automatic launching. You may also take account of the need of the recipient. Attempt at making the promotional drive, the primary storage device for the customer! Larger storage capacity means more versatility. Give every reason to the customer to carry your little present around. 

4. Packaging: Believe it or not, an external appeal always has an added advantage. Amazingly, there are endless options for packaging of individual USB drives. We offer a variety of packaging options–
Paper Boxes
Plastic Boxes
Tin Boxes
Gift Boxes
Wood Boxes
Leather Pouches
Velvet Pouches
Blister Packing
Choose what suits you. 

5. Printing: You have lots of options here too! Logo and name can be printed on flash drives in various ways –
Silk print on plastic 
Silk print on silicone
Silk print on metal
Embossing on leather
Silk print on wood
Engraving on wood
Engraving on metal
Full color printing

Just give every aspect a thought. Surely our team will make all possible efforts to make the task easier for you. Take advantage of the variety of great designs, durability and styles of USB flash drives. 

Author Bio: Sushmita is a freelance writer and blogger and writes for various tech blogs.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Leather USBs for durable sales

Bringing out amazing new innovations in USB pen drives, here we are providing you with all the diverse options you can ever think of to exert a pull on flocks of customers and flood your sale account reports at an alarming rate.
Leather USB’s (we know you never thought of that) give the impression of being the most promising options of all and you can believe us, they really are. Durable and long lasting as leather is, it can be the most efficient one when it is all about a robust long lasting option that you’ve been searching for tirelessly since ages. Moreover this innovative new product is sure to attract customers to you with a strong magnetic field effect. Leather is well known to possess a great tensile strength, appreciable resistance to all the wear and tear, high resistance to flexing as well as puncture and also stunning - superior heat insulation. It is easily molded and retains its new shape very well. It is also resistant to wet as well as dry abrasion which makes maintenance a piece of cake. Leather is also naturally confronting and highly resisting to moderate heat and flames. 

Leather is additionally a symbol of style and high social status. It speaks out style by itself. Its surface features themselves are more than enough to testify the authentication of the product. It brings pride to the owner and gleam (as well as hits of jealousy) to the eyes of the onlookers. Its longevity, durability and worry free maintenance do not even ever interfere with its unique style statement.

These USB’s can thus provide a tough, long-lasting and resilient solution to all the negligent mishandling and wear or tear. This is a sensational new concept that incorporates style in sturdiness. 

Our leather USB’s are alluring, classy and stylish. They give you the so much desired for ‘look’, the one that all and sundry crave for. These have a rich embossed appearance and are available in all capacities from the kiddy 2GB, reaching out to the giant 32GB storage walking through the 4GB, 8GB and 16GB as it reaches the pinnacle. Leather can be easily made into any color and we even give options for screen printing. The technical benefits go in hand with the classic look as these offer high read and write speeds. They have a 10 year data retention capacity. We also provide a 2 years warranty on all our chips. We offer many different styles of USB’s under this particular category and you can definitely go for the one’s that suit your taste. We even can satiate your desire for personalized leather USB’s to make you create that first impression on clients and customers.

These are good solutions for resellers, ultimate corporate gifts and even perfect give away items for gifting at seminars and conferences. Why not take advantage of great designs, styles and durability? You would not have to trade off with any of the benefits of the regular USB pen drives and would rather have an edge over them.

Author Bio: Sushmita is a freelance writer and blogger and writes for various tech blogs.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

This summer, give a cool twist to giveaway flash drives!

Let your customers and clients savor the heat with cool promotional USB’s. 

USB flash drives seem to be a cool way to promote and build a brand. But, here we are, making these cooler. Surely, when you giveaway a product for promotion, you want it to remain etched in the customers memory for as long as possible. What can be a better way to get into somebody’s head than innovation? Walk an extra mile and that will make all the difference. Let our custom flash drives speak for you all through the summer season and way beyond. Here are some fun USB pen drives to remind your customers the summer sun. Have a look. No wonder it would be a wise decision to take a pick and impress clients at the next trade show this season!

Sunny Slippers
Surely that reminds of the stroll across the beaches. A constant reminder of the great times with friends and family! Your customers will love you for such a lovely present. And besides, it would be a considerate gesture too. In case you are in the footwear industry, it gets all the more better! Try out USB Pen Drive UPD103.

A sweet fruity affair…
Summers and sweet fruits are synonymous. Aren’t they? Take care of your customer’s health with these lovely custom flash drives that will prompt them to take up on health. Will it not be a wonderful option for a business in fruit juices? Have a look at USB Pen Drive UPD105.

How about a bottle of chilled soft drink?
No kidding, USB Pen Drive UPD100 is sure to fulfill the brief. A relaxing soft drink something everybody would love after working hard in the scorching heat. Besides, will that not be something to remember for long if it has been gifted. Well, this tells for itself where it will work. 
Mangoes and summers can never go different ways!

We did not overlook the summer staples. Customers are sure to recognize as well as appreciate your brand if such a sweet gesture tags along with it. Why not grab USB Pen Drive UPD095!

Some summer trademark Popsicles! 
Oh yes, we have that too! These are pure delight for young and old alike. Now that would be smart marketing! Besides summers are a perfect time to giveaway some free popsicles if that can make people identify your brand. Here goes the chill - USB Pen Drive UPD096.

Succulent watermelons
Another love for the summers! Who would not appreciate a mouthwatering slice? Now, USB Pen Drive UPD092 can really help you with working your way into a few heads. 

Wasn’t that a cool idea for the heat? These promo products are not only practical; they also have a refreshing edge to them. Besides, all our products are high quality. Try once and you will realize that flash drives work wonders as promotional merchandise.

Author Bio - Sushmita is a freelance writer and blogger and writes for various tech blogs.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Unique little presents to redefine corporate gifting

To unveil a professional side!

Corporate gifts seem to be the unmatched and important gizmo in the marketing statement mash up. A smart and intellectual corporate present sets you apart and gives you a cutting edge supremacy over the rivals in the battlefield. These in the global marketing world are more or less a double edged sword. Used in a proper manner, they can potentially make available to you, a strong means to strengthen the corporate relations. 

A perfectly timed and suitable corporate gift is one of the best methods to send across the message of importance of meaningful relationships and that, they really do matter. While, the flipside of the coin reveals that an inappropriate corporate gift sent through can give a wrong impression and make things worse than they could have ever been! It’s all about smart work we guess! Moreover, the gift you chose to give is only limited by your own imagination. It can range from anything as simple as a little pen to well planned paid holiday. These ‘give away’ items, no doubt strengthen bonds, they also make a good professional impact on the other person. These can be used as aids in advertising, building public relations, for sales promotion and as items for personal sale. They can provide a longer lasting impact on the advertisement targets for sure.

Though there is an endless range of items that can be presented as corporate gifts, USB flash drives put across a superiourly professional and sophisticated look when presented as business gifts. These little yet useful friends will surely be an appropriate and good choice as they are there to stay for long and are also practical. A splendid alternative in a wide range of choices, it is professionally a more appreciated gifting item. A practical consideration, it gives a firmer jolt and is in true terms an esteemed solution to the most difficult problem of choosing the best and a different present for your corporate collaborations or to give away as freebies for your lovable customers. An amazing choice for all times and occasions, the thumb drive is also affordable and convenient to gift. Though it is usually not about the present but the thought that goes behind, that counts more, this inexpensive, yet meaningful gift is great as a present through your company.

We provide a wide range of custom made USB flash drives that are the result of cutting edge innovation and are rich, classic and stylish. They set you a class apart from competitors with unique designs. Custom made USBs merge your aspirations and imagination into realities. They can be embossed or printed with logos to leave a long memory, though words may be forgotten with the pace of time. They are available with us in different variants and capacities. Quality in diversity is what we believe in and also deliver. Varied colors, shapes and styles of flash drives, made using different materials and having perfect finishing, are available with us, without any compromise with the quality of the product delivered to our esteemed customers. Give your partners a gift they will be bound to remember forever.

Happy gifting!

Author Bio: Sushmita is a freelance writer and blogger and writes for various tech blogs.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Huge returns with little promotional Flash Drives!

WE bring to you the best tool to empower and promote your business. Attract people to you like the strongest magnet with little Flash Drives that will etch you in everybody’s memory for long. Yes these little handy portable memory devices can do much more to your business than you have ever thought. Here are 6 amazing ideas to use custom pen drives to enhance your customer market.

  1. Trade show giveaways – Definitely there can never be a greener way to spread your word. All relevant data can be uploaded to a handy thumb drive which can be given to the attendees. Usually people tend to throw away all promotional papers, booklets or catalogues they get before they reach home. But we assure you they’ll hang on with the drives (especially when they are classy, something like a ballpoint pen maybe!).

2.  Hand them over as a companion to your business cards – Surely we all toss away the cards that flood our pockets during trade shows, exhibitions, conferences or other events. Now got any solution to that? We do! A flash drive will probably survive the massacre. Moreover you can have something printed on it. Maybe a ‘plug in to discover xyz company’ with the logo. Problem solved!

3.  Personalize with clients with a warm gesture – You may choose to send a presentation or details of a deal to the client on a custom pen drive that has your logo, instead of the conventional mailing method. This creates relationships that are must for any clientele. Definitely you will warm up the cold call. Works great if you want a personal meeting with the other person as innovation is magical. Sure it’s smarter to make the other person realize your extra efforts without actually saying it out loud.

4.   Best promotion for the sponsors – As sponsors of any event, you can do even better. You can ask the organizers to distribute your custom drives to the event attendees. Again, these can be loaded with worthwhile information. Target clients at any event effortlessly!

5.   Go digital – So, your traditional catalogues and mails about new products do not engage old clients anymore? Why not give it a little push. Load pictures, product details, survey reports and reviews on a USB and send it to your past clients. Bang on!

6.     And YOU emerge as the winner in a FLASH! – Now this is something interesting. Host a competition. Well you may be wondering how that helps. Quite tipsy but highly effective. Give away pre-loaded drives with your product and these may have a link to your website. One of these will have a secret code and that is the winner. This way people read your info on the drive and are also directed to your website. Cherry on the pie!

These handy tech gadgets are not as simple as they look. They weave their own enigmatic web and are an amazing temptation. Especially, when these look and feel different. Try out what these have in store for you. We at usbpendrive.in will be glad to help!

Author Bio - Sushmita is a freelance writer and blogger and writes for various tech blogs.

Friday, 14 November 2014


LIFE goes on whatever path you choose to take and you ought to have a shadow walking besides you to assassinate loneliness when there is no other escort.  In this versatile life, with all kinds of days – good and bad – merged at length, my little 32 GB companion is the most reliable friend I have, and definitely a blast in a comparatively minute packaging! And recently I discovered heaps of good stuff about it. My trusted USB flash drive seems to be a lot more adaptable than I had ever realized; stuffed with potential that goes past stocking and transmitting files.

    Playing the safe side on (for the adventurous me!) – My USB flash drive can very conveniently be used to lock and unlock my laptop and PC like the secret agents in the fabulously scripted detective movies. I installed Predator, a freeware to transform my buddy into a key to unlock my PC and to safeguard my data from people who must be tempted to have a look at it in my absence!
     Music to my rescue on a bad day – I use my flash drive as an MP3 player when I’m feeling low or just feel like music. The most I require is a laptop or PC and a pair of headphones. I have a playlist of my favorites saved to my flash drive and play them whenever I feel like listening to some. Moreover, playlists can be easily customized using Windows Media Player.
    Running portable games and applications – I put my thumb drive to great use by running applications on any computer. I simply plug in the USB into a port in any computer and there I am, boosted up with the potential to utilize applications like Open Office, Firefox, Google Chrome, thunderbird, many others, plus loads of games that I have stored in the flash drive.
     Speeding up – I use Windows Vista and an amazing feature I adore in it is that I can use my USB pen drive to enhance the speed of my system with aid of the Ready Boost technology. Ready Boost makes use of the storage of the USB pen drive as a supplementary memory cache to assist the memory cache already present on the hard disk. Additionally, due to the fact that flash memory is comparatively more receptive than the conventional hard disk, the memory cache supplied by Ready Boost is capable of appreciably improving the system receptiveness. An added bonus is that using Ready Boost is trouble-free and straightforward. You just slot in your USB into the Vista system and then chase the prompts that appear onscreen, to configure and use Ready Boost.

     The perfect last minute present – Well that’s for lazy legs like me. I usually have a stock of USB drives at home and whenever I have to rush to a party that I had completely forgotten about, I wrap up a USB in a nice paper and there’s the ideal present. This is particularly appreciated by the tech freak guys!

My pen drive always seems to be my last resort. How does it help you? Cheers to a quality discussion in the comments below!

Author Bio: Sushmita is a freelance writer and blogger and writes for various tech blogs.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Eco – Friendly Buddies

Worried about harming the enviroment?? ...Not any more!

Beginning of a new revolution! Rising hopes! Kick starting technical brains! Extend a warm welcome to Eco Friendly flash drivesthat are all set to turn tables and change your perspectives. Evoke that alluring disposition for encouraging and excited sporting of bionetwork wakefulness with the most expedient USB flash drive! Classy, rich, attractive and too good on the ecological front, these are gaining real esteem these days. The finest shapes and sizes are now available in this growing new innovative style of pen drives.Capturing limelight, Eco Friendly USB pen drives are in the talks and high on demand these days. An ideal as well as unique gifting solution, these environment friendly custom USB flash drives have an edge, owing to the eco part they withhold (and they even have the eco part to their look!), over the conventional USBs that have been used ever since.
Welcome these Eco Friendly companions in the custom USB flash drive markets that are nature friendly and at the same time brand building! Ideal for your tech savvy, environment conscious clients these are available in varied sizes, designs and capacities.Eco Friendly pen drives these days can have cases of various materials, from cardboard to bamboo. These can prove to be highly durable besides the shock resistance property owing to the material of the case. Moreover, these boast of the appreciable quality of being biodegradable, hence, leaving no residue in our environment.
Our environment conservation itch made us come up with this product range. We’re sure that you harbor similar thoughts and that is the whole idea behind the concept of commercialization of these pen drives. These ensure that you are tech savvy, flexible, and at the same time, ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY and CONFIDENT!

                                                                                                                                        Being an excellent blend of technology in sustainability, these offer great benefits. These are similar to the normal pen drives except for the fact that they have Eco Friendly cases which are made from recycled materials and that gives it an inside eco part and the outer eco look as well. They are available in authentic ECO designs, in capacities ranging from 2GB, through the 4, 8 and 16 GB to the 32GB. Custom designs or logos can be silk screen printed or engraved on the case on demand. They offer high read and write speeds with 10 years data retention ability. We also present a 2 year warranty on all our chips. The best part is that diverse design alternatives and customization options are offered, which can prove to be the unsurpassed performer in your marketing strategies!
These Eco Friendly pen drives are sure to be a huge leap towards preservation and sustainable development to safe keep resources for the generations that are yet to come. This Going Green will surely take care of your trade.

Author Bio: Sushmita is a freelance writer and blogger and writes for various tech blogs.