Friday, 14 November 2014


LIFE goes on whatever path you choose to take and you ought to have a shadow walking besides you to assassinate loneliness when there is no other escort.  In this versatile life, with all kinds of days – good and bad – merged at length, my little 32 GB companion is the most reliable friend I have, and definitely a blast in a comparatively minute packaging! And recently I discovered heaps of good stuff about it. My trusted USB flash drive seems to be a lot more adaptable than I had ever realized; stuffed with potential that goes past stocking and transmitting files.

    Playing the safe side on (for the adventurous me!) – My USB flash drive can very conveniently be used to lock and unlock my laptop and PC like the secret agents in the fabulously scripted detective movies. I installed Predator, a freeware to transform my buddy into a key to unlock my PC and to safeguard my data from people who must be tempted to have a look at it in my absence!
     Music to my rescue on a bad day – I use my flash drive as an MP3 player when I’m feeling low or just feel like music. The most I require is a laptop or PC and a pair of headphones. I have a playlist of my favorites saved to my flash drive and play them whenever I feel like listening to some. Moreover, playlists can be easily customized using Windows Media Player.
    Running portable games and applications – I put my thumb drive to great use by running applications on any computer. I simply plug in the USB into a port in any computer and there I am, boosted up with the potential to utilize applications like Open Office, Firefox, Google Chrome, thunderbird, many others, plus loads of games that I have stored in the flash drive.
     Speeding up – I use Windows Vista and an amazing feature I adore in it is that I can use my USB pen drive to enhance the speed of my system with aid of the Ready Boost technology. Ready Boost makes use of the storage of the USB pen drive as a supplementary memory cache to assist the memory cache already present on the hard disk. Additionally, due to the fact that flash memory is comparatively more receptive than the conventional hard disk, the memory cache supplied by Ready Boost is capable of appreciably improving the system receptiveness. An added bonus is that using Ready Boost is trouble-free and straightforward. You just slot in your USB into the Vista system and then chase the prompts that appear onscreen, to configure and use Ready Boost.

     The perfect last minute present – Well that’s for lazy legs like me. I usually have a stock of USB drives at home and whenever I have to rush to a party that I had completely forgotten about, I wrap up a USB in a nice paper and there’s the ideal present. This is particularly appreciated by the tech freak guys!

My pen drive always seems to be my last resort. How does it help you? Cheers to a quality discussion in the comments below!

Author Bio: Sushmita is a freelance writer and blogger and writes for various tech blogs.