Friday, 22 August 2014

5 Useful Laptop Accessories That Should Come With A Laptop

When we spend a huge amount on a Laptop, don’t we wish that there were more accessories that came with it, for free? If the battery charger is a necessity… Aren't some of the others as well?? So, we decided to come up with a list of 5 useful Laptop Accessories that should come with a Laptop:

Cleaning Agent: That dirt laden screen of your laptop needs to be cleaned! You just start and shut down your laptop in all the places- be it the college canteen or your work desk. Take a moment and tell us, how many times a day (okay too much!); how many times a week (better now?) do you clean your Laptop? A Cleaning Agent surely helps to keep the screen slick and neat; and the keypad smooth.

Headphone with a Mic: All of us plug in the uber-cool earphones (the ones that came with our mobile phones) and use it for our laptop needs too. When video chatting with a friend or making a business Skype call, it becomes imperative to have a headphone with a good quality mic, as opposed to just another earphone.

USB Pen Drive:How many times have we copy-pasted our assignments, songs and various other files to our reliable USB Pen drive? We have used it to exchange data with friends and colleagues, to make live presentations and what-not!We tend to carry it around. So, get a smart personalized USB Pen Drive. Order custom made pen drives in bulk for your company! Print your logo or slogan and get the desired look.

Set of Portable Speakers: It is one thing to plug in earphones and listen to a classic rock song; and another out-of-the-world experience to listen to the song on sub-woofers! Get blown away with the power of music with a set of portable speakers. Be it trance, Bollywood or peppy pop songs! The background music and OST of movies sound better on speakers too, you know it. So this is the item number four that we wish came with a Laptop.

Laptop Skin or A Cooling Fan: We really can’t decide from these two.For the ones inclined towards the look of the laptop, obviously they would want an abstract or tongue-in-cheek laptop skin. The geeks and professionals, who work long hours on a Laptop would surely opt for a cooling fan to enhance the life and use of the gadget.  Do let us know in the comment section which is the winner from these two!

Author Bio: Shweta Shah is a prolific writer who writes for various Tech, App and Internet Marketing Blogs.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Data Harvesting with a Smart Drive

Be it professional information or your favourite photographs and videos, pen drive is an ingenious device for data storage. Don’t you think it is a revolutionary innovation in the world of technology? It is a portable, removable and rewritable disc designed for accommodating multifaceted data of different storage capacities. This smart, agile and utilitarian gadget has evolved from the floppy and hard disc stages and gradually developed itself and broadened its horizons to accommodate a larger realm of information within its boundaries. Truly remarkable! Modern pen drive manufacturer in India has come up with 2TB storage capacity which is compatible with various application platforms like PCs, laptops, tablets, android gadgets, windows phones, iPads and iPhones and the likes. Wait no more and share your data conveniently!

Records Data in a Flash

Flash memory was pioneered by Toshiba in the year 1984, warranting huge amount of data storage, in sync with all modern operating systems. The sharp increase in their demand has nudged today’s memory suppliers and retailers to produce bulk flash drive with logo predominantly to assure originality and customization as per your business or personal requisites. You can also enhance your pen drive with your choice of colours, shape, finish and impression imprint. This flash technology is the result of fine tuning the older technologies, so we are able to avail it at lower cost with decreased power consumption and pocket friendly size. We all have key-chains and Pens which have pen drives. If not, maybe it’s time you bought one!

Pen Drive Bugs

Today the awareness levels of the customers should be very high to avoid being conned with fake products. USB pen drives can also turn out to be spurious products by failing to offer the data storage capacity as per the commitment level of the memory supplier. In order to buy flashdrives in bulk for cost-effectiveness you can use software tools to check the validity of the product and take the necessary precaution to protect your interest.