Sunday, 31 May 2015

Leather USBs for durable sales

Bringing out amazing new innovations in USB pen drives, here we are providing you with all the diverse options you can ever think of to exert a pull on flocks of customers and flood your sale account reports at an alarming rate.
Leather USB’s (we know you never thought of that) give the impression of being the most promising options of all and you can believe us, they really are. Durable and long lasting as leather is, it can be the most efficient one when it is all about a robust long lasting option that you’ve been searching for tirelessly since ages. Moreover this innovative new product is sure to attract customers to you with a strong magnetic field effect. Leather is well known to possess a great tensile strength, appreciable resistance to all the wear and tear, high resistance to flexing as well as puncture and also stunning - superior heat insulation. It is easily molded and retains its new shape very well. It is also resistant to wet as well as dry abrasion which makes maintenance a piece of cake. Leather is also naturally confronting and highly resisting to moderate heat and flames. 

Leather is additionally a symbol of style and high social status. It speaks out style by itself. Its surface features themselves are more than enough to testify the authentication of the product. It brings pride to the owner and gleam (as well as hits of jealousy) to the eyes of the onlookers. Its longevity, durability and worry free maintenance do not even ever interfere with its unique style statement.

These USB’s can thus provide a tough, long-lasting and resilient solution to all the negligent mishandling and wear or tear. This is a sensational new concept that incorporates style in sturdiness. 

Our leather USB’s are alluring, classy and stylish. They give you the so much desired for ‘look’, the one that all and sundry crave for. These have a rich embossed appearance and are available in all capacities from the kiddy 2GB, reaching out to the giant 32GB storage walking through the 4GB, 8GB and 16GB as it reaches the pinnacle. Leather can be easily made into any color and we even give options for screen printing. The technical benefits go in hand with the classic look as these offer high read and write speeds. They have a 10 year data retention capacity. We also provide a 2 years warranty on all our chips. We offer many different styles of USB’s under this particular category and you can definitely go for the one’s that suit your taste. We even can satiate your desire for personalized leather USB’s to make you create that first impression on clients and customers.

These are good solutions for resellers, ultimate corporate gifts and even perfect give away items for gifting at seminars and conferences. Why not take advantage of great designs, styles and durability? You would not have to trade off with any of the benefits of the regular USB pen drives and would rather have an edge over them.

Author Bio: Sushmita is a freelance writer and blogger and writes for various tech blogs.