Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Eco – Friendly Buddies

Worried about harming the enviroment?? ...Not any more!

Beginning of a new revolution! Rising hopes! Kick starting technical brains! Extend a warm welcome to Eco Friendly flash drivesthat are all set to turn tables and change your perspectives. Evoke that alluring disposition for encouraging and excited sporting of bionetwork wakefulness with the most expedient USB flash drive! Classy, rich, attractive and too good on the ecological front, these are gaining real esteem these days. The finest shapes and sizes are now available in this growing new innovative style of pen drives.Capturing limelight, Eco Friendly USB pen drives are in the talks and high on demand these days. An ideal as well as unique gifting solution, these environment friendly custom USB flash drives have an edge, owing to the eco part they withhold (and they even have the eco part to their look!), over the conventional USBs that have been used ever since.
Welcome these Eco Friendly companions in the custom USB flash drive markets that are nature friendly and at the same time brand building! Ideal for your tech savvy, environment conscious clients these are available in varied sizes, designs and capacities.Eco Friendly pen drives these days can have cases of various materials, from cardboard to bamboo. These can prove to be highly durable besides the shock resistance property owing to the material of the case. Moreover, these boast of the appreciable quality of being biodegradable, hence, leaving no residue in our environment.
Our environment conservation itch made us come up with this product range. We’re sure that you harbor similar thoughts and that is the whole idea behind the concept of commercialization of these pen drives. These ensure that you are tech savvy, flexible, and at the same time, ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY and CONFIDENT!

                                                                                                                                        Being an excellent blend of technology in sustainability, these offer great benefits. These are similar to the normal pen drives except for the fact that they have Eco Friendly cases which are made from recycled materials and that gives it an inside eco part and the outer eco look as well. They are available in authentic ECO designs, in capacities ranging from 2GB, through the 4, 8 and 16 GB to the 32GB. Custom designs or logos can be silk screen printed or engraved on the case on demand. They offer high read and write speeds with 10 years data retention ability. We also present a 2 year warranty on all our chips. The best part is that diverse design alternatives and customization options are offered, which can prove to be the unsurpassed performer in your marketing strategies!
These Eco Friendly pen drives are sure to be a huge leap towards preservation and sustainable development to safe keep resources for the generations that are yet to come. This Going Green will surely take care of your trade.

Author Bio: Sushmita is a freelance writer and blogger and writes for various tech blogs.