Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Make the Right Impact! – A guide to custom USBs

Creating one that will do just the trick!

Is a custom USB pen drive, your idea of promotion? How to get the right one then? Do all custom USB drives have the same effect on your target customers? Not at all! A product considered for promotional purpose must cater to the needs of your target. This is where USB pen drives fit in. But simply anything is not just good enough.

When considering a USB drive, you ought to consider the connection it will create for the brand.

Here’s what could help you achieve your goal of making the desired impact on target customer. 

1. Shape: Try selecting something that either relates to the core concept of the brand or the logo. A shape that is certainly more aligned to your enterprise! The owner of the USB will instantly be reminded of the brand when he uses it. The subtle connection always manages to keep some strings attached. 

2. Color: Colors must not only be considered in case of logos. Other creative inputs can often have the potential to resonate the brand. Make sure you leverage this aspect too! We offer pantone colors matching too. Send in the pantone numbers and your logo print as well as certain other colors can be customised on the pen drives. 

3. Content: This is a highly relevant factor. Knock the ability of USB flash drives to carry content. Be it a simple html file to display content from the brand website or a host of videos. (Why not take advantage of the data – preloading services!?). This preloaded data may be in a secure partition, which cannot be erased even by formatting the drive. Or, it may be set on auto run mode, for automatic launching. You may also take account of the need of the recipient. Attempt at making the promotional drive, the primary storage device for the customer! Larger storage capacity means more versatility. Give every reason to the customer to carry your little present around. 

4. Packaging: Believe it or not, an external appeal always has an added advantage. Amazingly, there are endless options for packaging of individual USB drives. We offer a variety of packaging options–
Paper Boxes
Plastic Boxes
Tin Boxes
Gift Boxes
Wood Boxes
Leather Pouches
Velvet Pouches
Blister Packing
Choose what suits you. 

5. Printing: You have lots of options here too! Logo and name can be printed on flash drives in various ways –
Silk print on plastic 
Silk print on silicone
Silk print on metal
Embossing on leather
Silk print on wood
Engraving on wood
Engraving on metal
Full color printing

Just give every aspect a thought. Surely our team will make all possible efforts to make the task easier for you. Take advantage of the variety of great designs, durability and styles of USB flash drives. 

Author Bio: Sushmita is a freelance writer and blogger and writes for various tech blogs.

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  1. The potential for impact of custom USB Bulk flash drives is what you make of it. We happened to stumble on creative designer Robert Williams.. thanks