Friday, 16 January 2015

Huge returns with little promotional Flash Drives!

WE bring to you the best tool to empower and promote your business. Attract people to you like the strongest magnet with little Flash Drives that will etch you in everybody’s memory for long. Yes these little handy portable memory devices can do much more to your business than you have ever thought. Here are 6 amazing ideas to use custom pen drives to enhance your customer market.

  1. Trade show giveaways – Definitely there can never be a greener way to spread your word. All relevant data can be uploaded to a handy thumb drive which can be given to the attendees. Usually people tend to throw away all promotional papers, booklets or catalogues they get before they reach home. But we assure you they’ll hang on with the drives (especially when they are classy, something like a ballpoint pen maybe!).

2.  Hand them over as a companion to your business cards – Surely we all toss away the cards that flood our pockets during trade shows, exhibitions, conferences or other events. Now got any solution to that? We do! A flash drive will probably survive the massacre. Moreover you can have something printed on it. Maybe a ‘plug in to discover xyz company’ with the logo. Problem solved!

3.  Personalize with clients with a warm gesture – You may choose to send a presentation or details of a deal to the client on a custom pen drive that has your logo, instead of the conventional mailing method. This creates relationships that are must for any clientele. Definitely you will warm up the cold call. Works great if you want a personal meeting with the other person as innovation is magical. Sure it’s smarter to make the other person realize your extra efforts without actually saying it out loud.

4.   Best promotion for the sponsors – As sponsors of any event, you can do even better. You can ask the organizers to distribute your custom drives to the event attendees. Again, these can be loaded with worthwhile information. Target clients at any event effortlessly!

5.   Go digital – So, your traditional catalogues and mails about new products do not engage old clients anymore? Why not give it a little push. Load pictures, product details, survey reports and reviews on a USB and send it to your past clients. Bang on!

6.     And YOU emerge as the winner in a FLASH! – Now this is something interesting. Host a competition. Well you may be wondering how that helps. Quite tipsy but highly effective. Give away pre-loaded drives with your product and these may have a link to your website. One of these will have a secret code and that is the winner. This way people read your info on the drive and are also directed to your website. Cherry on the pie!

These handy tech gadgets are not as simple as they look. They weave their own enigmatic web and are an amazing temptation. Especially, when these look and feel different. Try out what these have in store for you. We at will be glad to help!

Author Bio - Sushmita is a freelance writer and blogger and writes for various tech blogs.