Thursday, 30 April 2015

This summer, give a cool twist to giveaway flash drives!

Let your customers and clients savor the heat with cool promotional USB’s. 

USB flash drives seem to be a cool way to promote and build a brand. But, here we are, making these cooler. Surely, when you giveaway a product for promotion, you want it to remain etched in the customers memory for as long as possible. What can be a better way to get into somebody’s head than innovation? Walk an extra mile and that will make all the difference. Let our custom flash drives speak for you all through the summer season and way beyond. Here are some fun USB pen drives to remind your customers the summer sun. Have a look. No wonder it would be a wise decision to take a pick and impress clients at the next trade show this season!

Sunny Slippers
Surely that reminds of the stroll across the beaches. A constant reminder of the great times with friends and family! Your customers will love you for such a lovely present. And besides, it would be a considerate gesture too. In case you are in the footwear industry, it gets all the more better! Try out USB Pen Drive UPD103.

A sweet fruity affair…
Summers and sweet fruits are synonymous. Aren’t they? Take care of your customer’s health with these lovely custom flash drives that will prompt them to take up on health. Will it not be a wonderful option for a business in fruit juices? Have a look at USB Pen Drive UPD105.

How about a bottle of chilled soft drink?
No kidding, USB Pen Drive UPD100 is sure to fulfill the brief. A relaxing soft drink something everybody would love after working hard in the scorching heat. Besides, will that not be something to remember for long if it has been gifted. Well, this tells for itself where it will work. 
Mangoes and summers can never go different ways!

We did not overlook the summer staples. Customers are sure to recognize as well as appreciate your brand if such a sweet gesture tags along with it. Why not grab USB Pen Drive UPD095!

Some summer trademark Popsicles! 
Oh yes, we have that too! These are pure delight for young and old alike. Now that would be smart marketing! Besides summers are a perfect time to giveaway some free popsicles if that can make people identify your brand. Here goes the chill - USB Pen Drive UPD096.

Succulent watermelons
Another love for the summers! Who would not appreciate a mouthwatering slice? Now, USB Pen Drive UPD092 can really help you with working your way into a few heads. 

Wasn’t that a cool idea for the heat? These promo products are not only practical; they also have a refreshing edge to them. Besides, all our products are high quality. Try once and you will realize that flash drives work wonders as promotional merchandise.

Author Bio - Sushmita is a freelance writer and blogger and writes for various tech blogs.

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